How was the SEO Vibes Budapest 2023?

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We have summarized the most important lessons we learned from the SEO Vibes Budapest 2023 conference.

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The SEO Vibes Budapest conference is one of the most important and prestigious SEO conferences in Central and Eastern Europe. The speakers are international SEO experts and agency leaders, and we’ve seen some really insightful and thought-provoking presentations that can inspire future SEO thinking.

The Algorithm is an algorithm

Kyle Roof, owner of High Voltage SEO agency, emphasized that SEO has always been about understanding and reverse-engineering how different search engines work, and that’s still the case today.

Péter Szesztay, CEO and owner of BP Digital, says:

“Based on our extensive array of case studies, we frequently come up with clear conclusions that help us find the most efficient path to achieving optimal SEO results for specific industry operations. And this is certainly different from one industry to another – which is why it’s important to accurately estimate your competition before going wild with SEO.”

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The AI will always give you incorrect results

Bastian Grimm, CEO of Peak Ace, an online marketing agency, made this statement in his presentation. Since language models work with estimates, there is no exact knowledge behind them – so there is always a perpetual risk that errors may occur. They will never give the same answer to the same inquiry.

Péter Szesztay, as BP Digital says:

“AI has no knowledge. You have. We need to take this competitive advantage to the next level in the future.”

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Content that is considered "general knowledge" can (and will) be perfectly served by AI

Bastian Grimm also stated that AI will replace content based on general knowledge. In other words, in the future, a website is unlikely to generate traffic by listing, for example, the “top x European cities”.

Péter Szesztay’s opinion:

„In content marketing, we increasingly need to choose keywords that allow us to deliver unique content.”

Data is king

Damian Sałkowski, founder of Senuto SEO software, talked about how it’s worth approaching data and incorporating them into our operations and thought process.

Péter Szesztay’s opinion:

“Data has been playing an increasingly significant role in the world of online marketing for several years. This trend will only intensify in the coming years.”

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Avoid being a "stupid puma"!

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR, CEO of Holistic SEO & Digital agency, presented the winning strategy of the future through the example of “stupid puma”.

“A Puma that burns 1200 calories for catching a 200-calorie prey is stupid.”

Translated into SEO terms: if you work hard on a keyword that isn’t really valuable, the work you put in will never really pay off, so you’re effectively undercutting yourself.

Péter Szesztay’s opinion:

“Well-chosen keywords take on new significance in a competition driven by AI.”

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Provide safe answers!

Also Koray Tuğberk’s GÜBÜR hypothesis:

“Google prefers content with multiple opinions, viewed from the perspective of multiple audiences „ Exact answers are less preferable for Google, as they risk giving the right answer.

Péter Szesztay’s opinion:

“Honestly, I hadn’t thought about this before, but consider it a very realistic thesis.”

SEO vs. buyer personas

Raluca Radu, founder of MTH Digital online marketing agency and representative of Answear online store in Romania, spoke about the importance of buyer personas. At Answear, they found the content strategy that ultimately managed to engage with their target audience through 3-4 pivots.

Péter Szesztay’s opinion:

“It’s unnecessary to produce content that nobody reads. It should at least bring organic traffic, but preferably also support purchases. The best way to build a loyal community around your company is to share your content through other channels – for example, social media or a newsletter.”

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+1. Agency extra tip: Invest in technology!

Mihai Vânătoru, CEO of DWF group (the largest SEO agency in Romania with 100 SEO experts), suggests the following for SEO professionals (and companies):

“Invest in technology! On one hand, you can perform much more efficient and valuable work with it. On the other hand, technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that you must keep an eye on it.”

Péter Szesztay’s opinion:

“Since the launch of BP Digital, we have consistently chosen the best technologies in the industry. I think that’s no longer a competitive advantage, but a requirement for all professionals these days.”

Second day agenda of SEO Vibes Budapest 2023

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