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Search engine optimization is our main focus and not just a division within the company!

We strive to achieve the highest level of quality in our work, which has been confirmed repeatedly by marketing professionals.

Marketing Diamond

We help our clients find more stable and relevant clients and leads from online sources.

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We have supported 40+ non-profit organisations since March 2020!

Since the emergence of Covid-19, our CSR goal has been to support the public sector. We have developed a win-win basis platform which allows you to support non-profit organisations while improving the efficiency of your own company, too.

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Our core values


It’s important to us that our clients are aware of goals within their reach. Before giving you a quote, we analyse your website’s condition and your market’s potential in order to work towards realistically achievable goals.


We believe that Search Engine Optimisation cannot be self-serving. Our goal is always to deliver quantifiable business results, improve the position of focus keywords and increase your organic traffic.


We believe that maximum performance can be reached if we feel comfortable deep down within ourselves. Therefore, we take into consideration human factors first.


We constantly work and experiment towards developing our internal processes. We also participate regularly in the nation’s top professional conferences as speakers.


We work with the best softwares and licenses on the market. We believe progress and excellent results can only be reached by using efficient solutions.


SEO is a long-term investment; therefore, we must also think long-term. Our goal is to deliver constant, predictable and relevant online traffic to our clients’ websites.

Organic traffic for

27,000 organic visitors in six months, and 533,000 in 16 months.

Why choose BP Digital as your Hungarian SEO agency? organikus forgalma

Hat hónap alatt 27.000, 16 hónap alatt 533.000 organikus látogató.

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Ujhelyi Georgina

Ujhelyi Georgina

account director