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Hi there, thanks for being here. 🙂 BP Digital is amongst the leading SEO agencies in Hungary, so we collected a few key ideas and thoughts on link building in Hungary. Please feel free to navigate on the left side panel according to your interest. 

Also, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! 

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How to build links in Hungary?

There are of course many ways you can build links in Hungary. Here are the best working methods:

1. Guest blogging

We write and publish relevant articles for you on trustworthy websites. Every article is unique and gets published on different domains – this way we can utilize the most gains. Here are a few examples where we can get you covered at a fraction of the list prices:

Prémium linkek

2. Link insertion

We can get backlinks for you from existing articles as well. Not all Hungarian news sites and blogs offer link insertion, but we have a decent list of authoritative sites, where we can get you a link. If you don’t wish to hassle with producing new content and need a backlink, this is a good alternative for you.

3. Online PR

We can get you covered in the top tier media using our broad network amongst journalists and news sites. If you have shareworthy news or a brand building goal, this is a must have element of your marketing mix. 

4. Non-profit linkbuilding

Since the appearance of COVID-19 (March 2020), we have partnered with 40+ non-profit organizations in Hungary, where we serve as a sales house for these sites. You can get valuable backlinks from NGOs through us. This way you can utilize the SEO power of these websites and give back to the causes that matter the most to you. Here are a few examples of non-profit websites where we can get you covered:

NGO logók

It is not an easy job to build links in Hungary – especially from abroad. Based on SEO metrics you might be able to identify promising websites, but it is a real hassle to contact and find those websites that are open for linkbuilding. Furthermore, you would surely get list prices that can sometimes exceed 1 million HUF (cc EUR 3.000).

At BP Digital we have been building our journalist and blogger database for years and now have direct and active contact to 100s of authoritative websites. Moreover, we publish 1,000+ articles per year, so we get agency discounts. This way we can provide you high quality backlinks at reasonable prices, usually ranging from 40,000 – 100,000 HUF (EUR 100-400).

What linkbuilding tactics do not work in Hungary?

1. Linkfarms

Linkfarms used to be one of the most effective ways of linkbuilding. Nowadays, Google is smart enough to recognize and penalize these black hat sites. If you are considering link building in Hungary, please avoid linkfarms. You might end up with a penalty and decreasing organic traffic.

2. Private Blog Networks (PBNs)

1-2 decades ago SEOs realized that Google needs backlinks and there is no easier way to satisfy the search giant than cross-linking every site and client they can reach. For quite a few years now, Google can identify and penalize such link structures. If you are considering link building in Hungary, please avoid PBNs. You might end up with a penalty and decreasing organic traffic.

3. Social media

Social media was never considered linkbuilding, but a few SEOs claim different. However, Google itself has declared social media not relevant in terms of linkbuilding, so we consider this case settled. 🙂 If you need trustworthy backlinks, you need to find a different method – such as guest blogging, link insertion or online PR.

What criteria do you use when assessing backlinks?

When we evaluate links, we assess websites based on the following criteria:

– The site is technically suitable for link building (for example: it doesn’t have a noindex tag)

– Domain Authority (MOZ) 20+

– The site has acceptable domain-wide organic traffic

– The site’s traffic isn’t in decline

– The number of referring domains to the site shows organic growth

– There are more inbound links to the site, than outbound links

– The site’s main subject has relevance from the client’s perspective 

If a site matches these criteria, we calculate our pricing based on Domain Authority (DA). We have both international and domestic databases. Furthermore, we do client-specific outreach as well.  

What type of links and anchor texts do you suggest?

Most of our links are dofollow text links. We usually suggest a mix of anchor texts, so that the link building campaign does not get suspicious. Our usual suggestion is: 

  • 50% exact match (matching your focus) keywords
  • 25% brand keywords
  • 25% non-relevant / navigational keywords / picture links


We are the only SEO agency in Hungary where you can buy non-profit links. This way you can acquire totally unique backlinks from trusted NGOs in Hungary.

Examples of websites where we can get backlinks for you

We can get you backlinks from the most trusted sites in Hungary. We also provide reasonable prices – better prices, then you could get directly from the portals or sales houses. Here are a few examples:

Prémium linkek

We can also provide you a backlink opportunity in trusted non-profit sites. Here are some examples:

NGO logók

What results can we guarantee for you?

To tell you the truth: none. We do not guarantee any results for our Clients, as we do not own Google. Although, we constantly do our best to help our clients grow and we can show you convincing results that we have already accomplished for our clients.

For example, we have helped the current leading financial comparison site in Hungary to reach 100.000+ organic traffic / month.

linképítés eredmények

This excellent result is in close relation to the effective linkbuilding we did:

hivatkozó domainek száma

Clients that have already trusted us

Reasons for linkbuilding in Hungary

  • Linkbuilding can grow your website’s organic traffic.
  • You can get referral traffic from the published articles.
  • This referral traffic can come from a relevant target audience.
  • We can get you relevant publications according to your niche. Therefore your brand recognition increases both amongst your target audience and in Google’s eyes.
  • All of our publications transfer link juice to your website.
  • You can decide how to get covered. We can write any type of content with any anchor text and get you published on top tier sites according to your preference.

Link building is a complex task that requires expertise and a massive local network. It is even more challenging to do it right in a foreign market. We are experts on the Hungarian market. Let us help you and reach your goals together!

Why choose BP Digital for linkbuilding in Hungary?

BP Digital is a Hungarian SEO agency with a team of 10 professionals. Why is this important for you?

  • We focus on only SEO and therefore have all our attention on this domain. Surprisingly, there are not many companies in Hungary that focus this clearly on SEO only.
  • We are located in Budapest, Hungary. All of our team members are Hungarians. We have the professional and personal experience and network in Hungary that a foreigner cannot easily acquire.
  • We are a team of 10. There is probably no other company in Hungary with such a team size focusing only on SEO. We have dedicated professionals for every segment of SEO, therefore we have the advantage of accumulated experience and knowledge. 

Besides SEO related professional aspects, we put a great emphasis on the service we provide.

  • We give a hassle free solution for you. You can get covered in 100+ sites through us with only 1 service agreement – as we have a standard agreement with all our linkbuilding partners.
  • We write 1,000+ articles and publish 1,000+ links for our clients annually. This allows us to make discounted purchases and provide solutions for you at reasonable rates.
  • We consistently discover new best practices through working with numerous market leading brands – this profits our entire client base.

How can we work together?

In the case of Link Building, we agree on a monthly budget and build links based on your best interest. We prepare a personalized strategy for you and discuss it with you in great depth.

How can I get a personalized list of links from BP Digital?

We are happy that you have an interest in link building in Hungary and you are considering us as your trusted partner. Please get in touch with us. Either write an email to or fill in the form below. Our CEO reads all inquiries and will get back to you within 24 hours.

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